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  Beauty / Facial   Lot No
Bluunis The Ultimate Impressonist S065 & 066
CN Healthy & Beauty S149
Dibi Beauty Care Centre S012
Fulaser S030
Janice Wellness Centre (JWC) S137
Joanna Beauty S128 & S129
May Sin Herbal Facial Centre S138
NJ Beauty Salon S008(A)
Persolekan Venus Beauty Centre S041
Sunrise Wealth Sdn Bhd S166
Body Massage / Reflexology   Lot No
Good Feel Corner S087
Success Blind Reflexology & Traditional Massage S037
Top Massage Service S165
Books / Magazines / Posters   Lot No
Rona Store S159
Clinic / Medical   Lot No
Fong & Goh Dental Surgery S011
Entertainment   Lot No
Holiday Planet AS112
Ladies & Men   Lot No
3vil 3mpir3 S030
90’s Gens S057
Altira AS122-1
Aurie Cutety Girl S163
Billionaires Club S079
  Boundlezz S132
  Choice S077
Crazeecausa S050
  Czech Republic S078
Discover S005
  Dudu Ann AS122
Echo Park S056
Eleven S082
Lemon Green S075
Linzainal by Yans Creation S027
Magma S031
Master 7 S028
Nine Thirty S061
Odd Store S130
Old 70 S081
Oversold S072
Queen S062
R20 S049
Rio Gallery S162
Step Ten AS114
Underground Street S033
  Shoes / Bags & Luggage   Lot No
Balalaca S032
Luxury Valley S160
Mimiwiwi Bags Corner S076
  MOD S070
Silver Trend S063 & S063
Unlimited S094
  Sports   Lot No
Aka S051
Restaurants   Lot No
Teo Chew Chicken Rice PUB-S1
Teppanyaki PUB-S1
Gifts / Souvenirs   Lot No
Honey Comb Sdn Bhd S071
K Neko Gift S080
  Lovely Lace S150 & S151
Hair & Beauty Supplies / Persnal Care   Lot No
Amazon Beauty Supply S089 - S090
Beauty Sky Enterprise S133
Magicboo S152 - S155
My Hairworks S025
PCQ Hair & Beauty Products PUB-S1(B)
Pusat Alat-Alat Solek Rambut Gimly S088
Sanmaki International Sdn Bhd S091
SKL Wholesale S140 & S141
Talon Trading S069
Twins Bestari Enterprise S092
WW Shampoo Shop S026
Hair Salon Academy   Lot No
Curve Hair Studio S006
DA Styling S045
  De Culture Saloon AS122(A)
Finn Hair Gallery AS115
Hair Zone Studio by Michael Poh S147 & S148
Miko Hair Studio & Academy S017 - S020
Minx Saloon S034
Naturelle Hair S097
Pivot S139
The Loft Hairdressing AS114-3
Handicraft   Lot No
Sykt. Alat-Alat Jahit May Hin S008
Houseware & Furnishing   Lot No
Mr.D.I.Y. MUS-1 & AS117
Internet Cafes   Lot No
No More Win AS121 & AS121-1
Manicure / Pedicure   Lot No
J & Y Nail Beauty S038
Polaris Nail Studio S087
Mobile Services / Accessories   Lot No
Times E S033
Office / Store   Lot No
Ken West Sdn Bhd S039
Life Force Multimedia S021
Other Services   Lot No
  GL Car Modify Specialist S068
Golden Lady Floral Art School S035
Sewing Dotmy S042
Pet Shop   Lot No
Pet Station S048
Printing / Sticker   Lot No
Souzou Creative S043
Stationery   Lot No
U-Lian Books & Stationery S093
Tailor / Designer / Alteration   Lot No
Alice Chai S013
Cantwo Collezioni S036
Lester Wong S161
Oscar Design S164
Ray Tailor S044
Secret Art Touch S046
Tattoo / Body Arts / Piercing   Lot No
Spec Body Art Tattoo & Piercing S130
Toys & Hobby   Lot No
Mechadioz S058 - S060
Mechadioz Omocha & Design S052
VBG S053
Toyzable S054
Travel / Leisure   Lot No
Safety Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd S003
Watches   Lot No
Apag Clocks S008(A)

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